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wedge wire screen

wedge wire screen also called Johnson Screens products, it is a type stainless steel water well screens .this screen with a high open area, allowing for better access to the entire formation around the screen; fines and drilling fluid are removed quickly and completely, resulting in a better well development , it has many advantage .

The continuous slot design allows for lower entrance velocity of the water/ oil , reducing encrustation rates. The slot design also resists plugging and prevents sand from damaging pumps.

The high open area of the wedge well screen allows for water/oil to enter the well freely, resulting in minimal drawdown and less energy usage by a pump.

- Screens designed to site-specifi c yield requirements and aquifer characteristics
- Screen slot opening selected from formation sand sample analysis
- Wire and rod construction to deliver required strength for the specifi ed well depth
- Stainless material selected to maximize corrosion resistance for water chemistry
- Wide variety of fi ttings to facilitate secure and effi cient installation

The water well screen is a key component of the sand control system, either as an integral component of the gravel pack, or as a standalone provider of sand control. wedge wire screen help to prevent well screen failure by better controlling the sand.

wedg wire screen
wedg wire screen
johnson screen
johnson screen
wedg wire screen
wedg wire screen



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