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Aluminium Mesh Facade

Aluminium Mesh Facade also know as Aluminium facade or expanded mesh facade ,it is a special type of aluminium expanded mesh ,which is made out of quality aluminum plate , expande the plate into big diamond or hexagonal openings at big size of strand , to create 60%-70% open rate , big mesh opening, big strand size , suit bigger size of building ...

For different customers , we have different color and surface treatment , for example white , black , silver , goden , red , Metalic grey ... we can have the aluminium mesh PVC powder coated , PVDF coated , Anodised.

The advantage of Aluminium mesh facade have many advantages .

  1. Aluminium material with less weight than any other material , perfect choice for facade of building .
  2. With 60-70% open rate , it can blocks over 70% direct sunlight and free for air, sound passing , with good visability to people in the building .
  3. Comparied to Aluminium perforated mesh panel , the expanded mesh panel cost is much lower , since it saves much on material plate , because it is slit and expanded , one square meter plate may finished with 2 or 3 square meter mesh .
  4. For outside view of building with Aluminium facade , beatiful , perfect looks , Landmarks in your block or your city , that is it is so popular to many architect .
expanded specs drawingTypical specs table
3.0mm 80mm 200mm 20mm 0-4m 0-6m
3.0mm 100mm 200/250mm 25mm 0-4m 0-6m
3.0mm 120mm 250/300mm 25mm 0-4m 0-6m
3.0mm 150mm 400mm 30mm 0-4m 0-6m
3.0mm 200mm 500mm 50mm 0-4m 0-6m

Above listed specs are the most popular specs we provide to our customers , considering the mesh can be 100% customed , we can supply any specs the architect designed !

aluminium expanded mesh anodised aluminium mesh aluminium facade mesh

100mm x 200mm @ 25mm

100mm x 250mm @ 25mm

150mm x 400mm @ 50mm

aluminium expanded mesh aluminium facade
120mm x 300mm @ 25mm project in construction 1 project in construction 2






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